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Full Bio (sort of):
secondcityrpg application: here.

For one_last_resort:
Background: Justine is introduced as a girl younger than 19, extremely attractive, and barely clothed. She is a companion to Thomas Raith to a social function, and stays as close to him as possible; they are both somewhat protective of each other. In a fight that follows, she tries to stand her ground, but is eventually captured by Red Court vampires.
In her next appearance, she is a captive, and it shows that without Thomas, her grip on her emotions is not very firm - she is driven almost insane by them. Since she seems to have an overflow of emotions, and White Court vampires feed on emotions, it is a good balance, in its own way.

Justine stays as Thomas' companion for years, and they grow rather attached to each other (including Thomas getting edgy when Harry Dresden asks him about her). One part of the trouble with that is that true love is the only way a person becomes inaccessible for a Raith - so Thomas is probably hoping that's not what it is. He does feed regularly on her, but not to an extend that is threatening her life; and she submits to it willingly, eagerly, and knowingly. She can feel when he is in need to feed, by touch, and can tell the general direction in which he is located.

Note to the fandom-acquainted muses: For one_last_resort, Justine is set shortly BEFORE being drained by Thomas. Which means that she would be ready/willing to do it, but is not aware that it's happened, nor anything in canon past that point. She is also still touchable / kissable / feedable for him.

Personal Inventory:
Clothes (scant. Let's say a revealing small red dress and no underwear)
Purse, holding:
- money
- ID (probably false)
- cell phone (with camera and all the extras)
- keys
- small handgun
- compact make-up kit
High-heel shoes
/OLR section ;)

Notes: I will be playing Justine in two separate timelines - before the night when she almost loses her life (mostly for one_last_resort, and after that (for other RP, so that she can be up to date with the rest of the Dresden!verse muses). Usually the prompt dating will be made clear, hopefully by hair color of the icons (dark pre-draining, light after that to go with the canon discoloration).
If you have any questions, suggestions, etc., my aim is listed.


Disclaimer: This is the journal of a fictional character. Justine belongs to Jim Butcher, from his novel series The Dresden Files. I am not Mr. Butcher, nor Rachel McAdams, whom you see on the icons. No misrepresentation or stealing is intended, and no profits are made off this journal.

Warning! This journal or journals associated with it may hold content of adult or mature nature, including sex and violence, both physical and psychological. Please do not read if you are under 18.

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